Project Hellmouth is a dedicated organization that ensures the maintenance and security of the massive Hellmouth complex located in the Meler Region. This area is a large and mountainous region controlled by the Meler Vanguard Union on Eflines. Originally known as Galdeza Hold, the Hellmouth was constructed in 1879 as a military stronghold against hostile forces. However, a catastrophic ecological event called the Hellmouth Disaster destroyed the military stronghold. The disaster transformed the site into a unique habitat for various flora and fauna. Currently, the Hellmouth is an active research site that requires specialized personnel and expensive equipment to maintain.

As the upkeep and security of the Hellmouth complex become increasingly challenging, funding is required. Although a significant portion of the Hellmouth remains unexplored by humans, it is guarded day and night by the Melerish Military. The Hellmouth serves as a defensive position to protect Eflines from underground threats and is surrounded by the Bulwark, a large defensive wall supported by hundreds of personnel.

Donations to Project Hellmouth support research into the Hellmouth, maintenance of the complex and its facilities, wages for Meler Vanguard Union soldiers, science and research staff, and other support staff.

We invite you to join us in protecting the world from the unknown dangers lurking within the Hellmouth.


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